The Peacock Tale

The Peacock Tale

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ShoVeling workout

For all of you summer birds that are stuck in the north shoveling your driveway and pathways I thought I would give some tips on the exercise. According to my iPhone application, Loose It, snow shoveling for thirty minutes burns 177 calories. This is the same amount of calories burned while walking  a brisk 5mph walk for 25 minutes. So if you hate driving in the snow and ice or don't want to deal with bundling up your children and their snow boots to go to the gym, SHOVEL!

Some tips:

1. Try to avoid eating, smoking (PS stop smoking too!) or drinking your first coffee before shoveling. This sometimes causes your heart muscles to constrict and obviously raising heart rate.

2. Be aware of icy patches and wear grippy shoes and warm gloves.

3. You want to remember to  position your hands on the shovel to get the best leverage possible. This will lead to a happy back! Basically don't grip your hands on top of each other.

3. Make sure you switch your shoveling arm every five times. This will create muscle build up in your less dominant arm, but also will ensure you don't overcompensate on your hips.

4. I say tighten your stomach muscles when you shovel. This will give you a great core workout. Also, remember to bend at the knees and not the back. Your back will thank you tomorrow!

5. While the kids are stuck inside, select some of these indoor games from mom blog network for them to get off the couch too!

Drink lots of water when you are done and put some much needed lotion on those hands!

Happy Shoveling Any other tips? Let us know!!

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