The Peacock Tale

The Peacock Tale

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowtorious B.I.G.

"Getting things accomplished isn't nearly as important as taking time for love." Janette Oke

So, chances are, wherever you are stationed, you might be experiencing a blizzard. I just thought I would throw out a couple suggestions to keep busy to prevent anyone from going completely crazy!

First of all. No complaining about the snow. It's there, complaining turns everyone sour and really will not change the situation! This blizzard, affectionately named "Snowtorious B.I.G." will eat you up inside if you sit on the couch in the wrong state of mind. Instead embrace the SUCK as some may say!
Second, make some hot chocolate, bake some cookies (I am a horrible baker so this one's not for me), read that book you have been trying to get to, take a bubble bath, enjoy a NAP (if you can get your kids down too, that's a plus!), paint, watch an old movie, and try to relax.

I just bought my husband a Keurig Coffee Makers, for celebrating 8 years together and I am going to try lots of coffee today. I am probably going to be addicted to caffeine before he redeploys home, more then he is! ALthough, he might be more interested in chai tea poured into dirty glasses and sitting on the floor. Hopefully I can find a cup that makes chai! Anyone have a suggestion?

Stay warm. Remember, Spring is in 48 days.....Summer... well do you really want to know? 140...1 day at a time.

I would also like to thank all of the government workers that cannot sit at home and relax with the snow. Thank you mail carriers, guards at check point gates and all of the national guard helping to keep the snow filled streets safe.


  1. ahhh my roommate has a Keurig that I absolutely love, I buy my own k-cups to use it lol. So far I've only used the regular Caribou coffee ones (because they taste amazing!) but I know for sure that you can buy chai tea k-cups!

  2. "Embrace the SUCK." I love it!! =) I am not snowed in (possibly the one downside of being stationed in Hawaii), but I love all of your suggestions!! I may be "snowing" myself in this Saturday to do all of that! Minus the hot chocolate. =P

    Hope you can stay warm!!