The Peacock Tale

The Peacock Tale

Saturday, January 29, 2011

What to wear to welcome home your soldier, graduation or military formal?

Maybe some of you are half way through "surviving deployment" and you are probably looking forward to the welcome home moment. If you are trying to predict the best outfit that shows the appropriate amount of sexiness and  wholesome House Hold 6 that you are, then I have a couple of suggestions. Maybe you are about to celebrate his graduation from Basic, AIT, OCS, Ranger, Airborne, CCC or any other special occasion after a long absence. I have some GREAT choices!

I like simple, and solid colors for this occasion. I also like the idea of vintage war bride's attire or something patriotic. It's just too cute. Of course jeans and a red, white and blue t is perfectly normal, especially when you probably will be waiting for awhile. (Really you wait in the military?) Maybe you can find an outfit below that you will wear on your first date when your hubby returns and there are no kids around. Either way, take a look below!

$50-$75 Range
If you haven't been to it yet, has some really great designers that aren't from a department store. They are handmade and are affordable. Gabriellabesso's shop has this great navy blue dress.

Ananya's shop  She has all types of colors and her dresses could be worn again to a wedding or cocktail party. Her LBD (little black dress) is definitely a piece every girl should have in her closet.

PatriciaValley makes some cute dresses too!

 This Army wife, stationed at Fort Hood, makes incredible pins, brooches for you to wear to support your husband. They are pretty cute. Her name is BeatricePearl and here are some of her items.

$15-$55 Range
Of course there is, Target, Kohls and JcPenny that offers relatively decent material that looks fantastic and at a great price! Especially since well known designers who know how to dress a woman's figure were added to their department store; i.e. Vera Wang, Lauren Conrad (Ha! I have her skinny jeans though and I like them!).

$35-$75 Range
ModCloth is also a great site if you haven't already checked it out! It offers one of a kind pieces and they have SO many things to choose from. My sister and I get lost in their outfits! It has vintage, retro and modern inspired pieces.

$75-$150 Range
Anthropologie seriously is my obsession. The clothes are really overprice, but if you wait their sales are pretty good! Like ModCloth, they are one of a kind pieces, but most of them are high end designers. They always have peacock related items too! :) 

Tee-Shirts and Military apparel for women:
This website has a link to many patriotic t's. I like this patchwork longsleeved!  This zazzle website has something for all of us Silent Ranks.

Stiletto Gear is a great site for all of the different branches of the military.

Jane Wayne Gear is adorable and fashion forward. It's not just a tee with a flag on it!(I am totally getting one of these today... of course ARMY though.)

This website, Operation We are Here, has links to everything patriotic related! Take a look

If you need a dress for any redeployment balls, take a look at Light in the It seriously has everything. They have celebrity inspired dresses for the everyday budget. I am talking $150 for a dress similar to ones seen on the red carpet. It also provides you to select any color and have it tailored to your size. It takes about 6 weeks to order, but if you read any of the reviews, the dresses always turn out exactly as you hoped for!

If you are looking for some pretty things to wear under whatever you have on, take a look at my post last week about this subject! And have fun with it!!

If anyone else has any stellar suggestions, please leave a comment or link below! Thanks for stopping by the peacock tale!


  1. oh my, thank you for the suggestions!! Although my husband isn't graduating from BOLC until April, this is giving me some ideas :)

    I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Go to my blog and check it out :)

  2. Melissa, thank you so much! I am honored. I will check it out!

  3. Girl it's like you read my mind, at the moment I am trying to find the perfect pick you up at the airport for R&R outfit!

  4. I really enjoyed reading your post! When my husband returned home from his last deployment, I was so excited about finding the "right" thing to wear. I also love, love finding things to wear for his ceremonies! By the way, I'm your newest follower. Look forward to reading more from you!

  5. My boyfriend is graduating from basic training and AIT at the end of November in Fort Benning, GA. I've never been there so I don't know if I should dress warm or what. I'm so excited and nervous. Thanks for the tips :)