The Peacock Tale

The Peacock Tale

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hey bloggers out there!! If you have any desire to send a CHRISTMAS card this season, please take a look at shutterfly. They are offering 50 complimentary holiday cards to those that blog. How cool!! Hope you take advantage of this great offer! I know I will! We have a big family and this would save us some dinero this season.

We are going to do a little bit of a spin on the typical "christmas card." Last year, I don't even think we sent one. We probably could have done the typical wedding photograph, since it was our first year of marriage. However,  he was in Korea and I was working at the family business. In addition, I was planning for my visit to see him...half way across the world. There was not a lot of time for Greeting cards. This year is different. We are together, for at least the beginning of the holiday time and we decided to do a photo card. I had the idea of an ugly sweater christmas card. You know, those obnoxious sweaters with bells and whistles (literally) and santa hats with snow flakes and tight turtlenecks. You get the idea? Somehow I talked my macho, army, officer, to take part in this photograph. We have crazy outfits and even goofier facial expressions. Our family will be in for a funny surprise!

I thought about going up to the local walmart to have our holiday card developed, but then I remembered how shutterfly did them a couple years ago for us. I liked the way they turned out and I also wanted to get address stickers. PERFECT! Then,  I hear that because I am a blogger, I have the opportunity to get 50 complimentary cards. DOUBLE PERFECT! I am also applying for a contest picture with our pups. We will see how that goes, because there are some really great participants.
Take a look!