The Peacock Tale

The Peacock Tale

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What to Bring to Airborne School... for the MilSpouse

My husband is super organized and always stays on top of things. He lays his clothes out for the next day, he even sleeps in his PT's. Basically, when he wakes up, he lathers up that shaving cream, (shave, shave, shave,) brushes his teeth, changes and is out the door. However, I know there are those moments when the mind is zoned to exactly the mission at hand, and something slips through his eyes. "What day is it?" "Why am I waking up at 2am?" (honestly....what person wakes up that early? I remember those college days when we would be up until then!) I have to remind him the day and the reason he is waking up.... to finish his 5 jumps from Airborne School.

Once this sleep deprived soldier realizes what the words I am saying mean, he can proceed.

Here are some tips that I have learned thus far:

If any wives, husbands, girfriends or boyfriends come to visit I recommend first seeing if you can stay at Olsen Hall on base. It is a hotel and reasonably priced. ($36 - $75/night... cheaper then the Holiday Inn at the Gate)

If you have come to watch your soldier jump, you are allowed to watch at Fryar Field. You follow the signs from main post. There are bleachers, but be prepared to wait for awhile. Each company has between 400-500 soldiers.

Ask your soldier a day ahead of time what Chuck (squad) number they are and what number they are out the door. This will help you follow him/her from plane to field.

Bring some snacks and some water. The FRG is there too, with hot dogs, water and gatorade, but I would recommend packing some pretzels, cut up apples and carrots. (Bring $5)

Bring a pair of Binoculars.

Bring a camera.

Bring sunscreen, hat, umbrella, sweater and definitely layer incase you get warm!

You will most likely be allowed to at least say hello to your soldier after they have jumped, but they quickly move them on the bus to take them back to the main post.

MOST importantly, do not come too early before graduation.  I want to make sure everyone realizes this. There is only so much money you can spend a night for food and lodging. You do not want to fork over $1,000 for this trip or have to tap into your sick days at work, because graduation was moved to the next week. One day before graduation would be best. (Typically, they are on Friday). You will probably still get to see him/her jump. The soldiers are prepared to jump, but the Airborne School is dependent on the Air Force's plane and pilots.... not to mention the fire trucks on the runway.
500 soldiers x 5 jumps = 2,500 jumps.

Good luck! If anyone else has any other tips, please feel free to leave a comment!

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  1. J wants to go airborne one of these days :) It's funny that he really wants to do it since he is somewhat afraid of heights. To each his own I guess...

    I have to answer your q on your page because I didn't see a reply-to email. My friend Ashley volunteers for a nonprofit org and she had sent that to me a long time ago :) Isn't it lovely?!

    PS--You may know it but for some reason when you post something new it doesn't show up in my feed :( I will have to remember to swing by!!