The Peacock Tale

The Peacock Tale

Monday, October 11, 2010

four jumps....

Today, I sat with Lucy in our car to watch our almost Airborne LT finish his third and fourth jump. Again, I took some fantastic pictures with our NIKON, but silly me left the USB cord back with Charlie and the grandparents. I will upload the pictures later, but for now, here are some of the iPhone pictures. The sun was behind a cloud and it cast a shadow on some of these soldiers. To me, they look like jelly fish from so far away. I'm sure any airborne soldier would not be happy with this comparison... Graduation is one jump closer!

Happy Monday!


  1. Hi there! I'm new the blog (I forget how I stumbled across you)...but I love reading about jumping out of perfectly good aircraft!!

    In my world, that's the worst. My better half is an E-2 aviator. So...we don't want to hear about parachutes. ;)

    But this is exciting. Glad to find you. I'll be stalking around more when I'm not spending time looking for a job (we just PCS'd to California - the mother of all great economies...wrong).

    Hope all goes well with the aerial jellyfish!

  2. Mrs. wookie, I can see why you would worry about your man exiting the aircraft when he is the one flying the ac. I hope California works out nicely for you... economy and job hunting isn't very strong anywhere! Best of luck and thanks for stopping by!