The Peacock Tale

The Peacock Tale

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week one almost...

Word to wives/girlfriends of soldiers attending airborne school; let them rest!

Please say a prayer for the soldier who broke his ribs yesterday practicing how to land. There is so much pressure (literally) on the soldier's body, feet and neck. Every move needs to be exactly as instructed. This poor fellow did not have his elbows/arms correctly at his side and when he landed (20 meters per second = fast) His arm landed first and his elbow dug into his rib. OUCH! The first week is almost done, and I know my almost airborne soldier will be needing/receiving some much needed foot massages and neck rubs.

This morning they did combatives PT in their ACU's under a pavilion. They were shrimp crawling, eel sliding and frog hopping all with their bodies on the ground. I am almost positive my soldier was bitten in the forearm by a nasty brown lacrosse spider.  Hopefully, since his car wouldn't start this morning (darn battery), and I have his phone, he will not need me to come rescue him. He is in the army... I doubt he needs me! HA!

Almost Friday Milspouse friends... do you have any exciting plans with your military family?

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