The Peacock Tale

The Peacock Tale

Thursday, September 30, 2010

250 ft Tower

Today, 70% of LT's platoon will practice parachuting from the famous Ft. Benning 250 ft towers. I think the bigger practice should be the landing. Falling at 20 meters per second seems a lot scarier when those boots hit the soil then the actual free fall down. Good luck to my favorite LT!

Bad news for the specialist who thought he could get away with chewing tobacco in the training area yesterday. This poor soldier was heading to SF's Q school. I am not sure if he will still be able to after he was dismissed from airborne school with a "Do Not Return" stamp. If you are heading to Airborne School, try to resist the urge to smoke, chew or whatever else. It's seriously not worth getting "the boot" if you are a lifer interested in attending all of these schools!!

On my end, we (Uncle Mark, Bear (the Chow), Kady (kitten), Spencer & Pierre (boy cats) are enjoying our days here in GA. Today is the most beautiful day! There is a little bit of wind and the sky is perfectly blue with some exceptionally beautiful clouds. With all of his trees in his 1 acre back yard, a little bit of sunshine streams through. It's like God is saying hello to the trees.
Yesterday, U Mark made Italian Wedding Soup and I made two pumpkin pies. DELICIOUS!
(Pictures are taken from my cell phone... not the best quality. I forgot my camera adapter.)

Spencer and Pierre

Ms. Bear


  1. Guess maybe his command should have reviewed whether or not this young soldier had good self dicipline. Congrats to the other soldiers who have hung in there though :)

  2. I agree! It's a life lesson learned the hard way. A good example for people who might be thinking they were almost done and could goof off, to straighten back up! Thanks for your post.