The Peacock Tale

The Peacock Tale

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What gift can you give to a family preparing for deployment?

I keep thinking about this... I love cards! I love to send them even more then I love to receive them. I am sure I help the United States Post Office stay afloat financially with my monthly purchase of stamps. I even budget this monthly expense. My favorite right now are the King and Queen "Love" Stamp. (On a side note, I went to far lengths to find old stamps for our wedding invitations. It was probably my favorite part. I am sure people opened it and didn't pay too much attention to that detail, but it was my favorite - here is a picture:

I will walk into Hallmark, CVS, Walgreens and even flea markets to find unique and creative cards. (My favorite company is Papyrus - but it's expensive). I collect Peacock themed cards too. However, my silly little cards never seems good enough to send to the people I love when their soldier is about to deploy. I am thinking of starting an idea list of different care packages for the families and spouses of deployed soldiers and send them. Random acts.... popcorn, skittles and a good funny movie? Maybe a box of tissues? Bubble Bath soap. A CD of upbeat, fist pumping, want to dance around in the rain music!

What are some other good ideas?

I always told my husband through college that I needed to begin a website for people looking for gift ideas. I think we could really help some of these spouses feel special on a gloomy day!! There is operation love, but maybe an operation dancing in the rain to give gifts anonymously to women we know need a good pick me up!!

What makes you get out of your funk?

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  1. I came from the weekly round up and somehow ended up on this post! I love how thoughtful you are! My husband is deployed right now and I know that even a little note of encouragement would brighten one of my many gloomy days :] Great idea!