The Peacock Tale

The Peacock Tale

Saturday, July 10, 2010

army vs marriage chain of command

So this is what I did today:
Woke up at the crack of dawn. Charlie decided it was time for his walk at 6am. Instead, I showed him and ran 2 miles. Then, we went to puppy play time. He was exhausted. I thought it still wasn't a busy enough Saturday. We went back (we went Friday night) to the Plymouth Art in the Park. Here is a picture with us, Al and some theatrical man who would only move if we gave him a dollar. (I felt bad when I left because, I left him hanging). It was fun and a definite distraction.

If I keep myself busy, I don't notice the time. Wait. Wait. Wait. One year is almost done but,

waiting on Aaron's curtailment to go through is like


The water is starting to boil, but it's not quite ready for the pasta to go in....

It has to pass through the company, battalion, brigade and division. It takes up to 5 weeks for it to be approved. It could sit on one commanders desk for one week each. (What else is on there desk that is more important??) There are so many soldiers in the army, I thought it would be a good idea to list the army's chain of command and to understand why things take so long to be CERTAIN in the army.

You hear me say things like, "well if _____ happens, then we will do ________, but if _________ doesn't happen we will do ____________" or " We won't know when we move until we are put on the waiting list. We won't be put on the waiting list until Aaron signs his papers to leave Korea." It's like a really bad calculus problem that NO ONE can understand.... except maybe Mr. Dawson, the best math teacher ever! (ha!)

I am stronger when I have a sense of direction. I like to be spontaneous, but I feel the need to be in control organized and plan. BUT, the army's chain of command comes before "The Wife" (me). We won't know when he can sign out of Korea until his curtailment is approved. Ok... by the way, What the heck is a curtailment?. You definitely hear me say this word. I kind of like the way it sounds. Say it out loud! It sounds happy! Basically it's a piece of army documentation that shortens his original orders. He will leave Korea earlier then his one year commitment if it is approved. (There is "IF" again).

If you click the website below, it has an extensive explanation of the chain of command.

How the Army is organized.

UNIT                                                  Soldiers                                                             Commander
A Division                                 10,000 to 30,000 soldiers                                       Major General

Brigade                                 3,000 to 5,000 soldiers and 2 or more battalions    LT Col or Brig Gen

A Battalion                               500 to 1500 soldiers and 2 to 7 companies            LT Colonel or Col

A Company                              75 to 200 soldiers and 2 or 3 platoons                   Captain or Major

A Platoon                                 16 to 50 soldiers 2 to 4 squads                              LT and assisted by the    
                                                                                                                            (NCO),  Platoon Sgt

A Squad                                   8 to 13 soldiers                                                    (NCO) Staff Sergeant

A Fire Support Team is broken up within a squad consisting of 4 to 5 sodliers.  A Fire Support Officer, the Fire Support (NCO) and Fire Support Specialist.

A Fire Support Officer (ADP's job) helps plan, coordinate and execute the company's fire support.

Have a fabulous weekend! My favorite little 13 year old is graduating this weekend! Much love to Miss Abigail! So excited to see you Sunday! Your brother and I are sooo Happy for you!

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