The Peacock Tale

The Peacock Tale

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Love for Yoga

ESP is inscribed on our wedding bands. We promise to strengthen our love each day emotionally, spiritually and physically. It's a philosophy I think everyone would benefit from, even if you are trying to find some inspiration individually. If you are surviving a deployment, coping with a PCS, enduring a BIG FAMILY welcome home celebration, or trying to find balance with every day activities, then YOGA could be for you! There are all different versions! Don't be intimidated by the noises or prayer hands. These are things to help create balance in the body (ESP challenges). My favorite style is very similar to the P90x's yoga. It's called Vinyasa Flow. You are constantly doing planks and getting up from planks. It's a great burn! It's even safe and beneficial for us pregger ladies. Since I began this style, it has completely changed my life.

However, my yoga love began in a peculair way. It started my junior year of college, when my mom had breast cancer. I was away and unable to be with her when she cut her hair and went to appointments; as much as I would have liked. I think I harbored guilt because I wasn't with her, but honestly, I would have had guilt if I spent every second with her. I started stressing during school, in my relationships, and became a bit of a hypochondriac. I had my first anxiety attack when I turned 21. I am pretty sure most people refer to it as a "hangover" but I ended up going to the emergency room. (How embaressing). My dad told me all I needed was a good B.M. Only a dad....
That is when my mom bought me my first yoga mat, block, and dvd's. She could tell, even in her state, that I needed to R E L A X! She was right (like she is most all of the time). I continually practiced throughout the years.

It wasn't until this  December when I attempted Vinyasa Flow. I religiously did it 3-4 days per week. (The first week, it was tough to sit down on the toilet.) February, I went down to Walter Reed for four months. Yoga was my safe place, even in the hospital room I was breaking out downward facing dog! It was the start of me being a "yogi." When we returned at the end of May, I resumed this exercise routine and also added in the desire to run a 1/2 marathon. Adding the yoga, strengthened my legs and core, but also helped my MIND (EMOTIONAL and MENTAL)! I had a new mantra and a clear mind. My rhythmatic breathing led me step by step.

Now that I am preggers, I still am maintaining this lifestyle (when I am not completely nauseous). I have to believe that this routine led to a more stress-free living. I felt stronger and happier with myself. Maybe it even helped me get pregnant? I highly encourage everyone to look into taking a class on base/post, YMCA or even a DVD.... especially if you need to relax, like ME!

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