The Peacock Tale

The Peacock Tale

Sunday, May 1, 2011


The more things change, the more things change!

It's pretty wild how the last three months have flown by, but also took forever! It's like life is an oxymoron. I'm not to sure? Someone want to explain it to me?

I am currently preparing to drive our pups and my wounded husband to Michigan and then back to Walter Reed. Charlie needs to have his tail partially amputated. He damaged it by wagging his tail to hard against the cage. The vet tells us that it's very common and it's called "happy tail." The tip is showing part of his bone. I feel terrible - but there is no more boarding these dogs during Easter Vacation. Charlie is too big and they must have had him and Lucy in too small of a kennel. I need to find an amazing Pet Sitter who is bonded and licensed.

My husband will finally be able to walk next week!! Three months of non weight bearing takes a toll on someone and a marriage. We hope the doctors and the WTU (Warrior Transition Unit) gives us the OK to come back to our post to rehabilitate. Hopefully, we will be as good as new after some much needed walking... and running.


  1. Oh my, I'm sorry that your husband was wounded and has been recovering for so long. That is never easy on a marriage. Keep the faith. You two are in my prayers.
    Also, I love your post on Osama's death. Very nice quote; I feel the same way.

  2. Progress is progress! So excited that you and your family are on the road to full recovery :) You let me know when you need me to take care of Charlie and Lucy for you - I am def your girl :)