The Peacock Tale

The Peacock Tale

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Armed Forces Day!

Happy Armed Forces Day! Thank you JFK for creating it in 1962!

I think about one year ago and what I was doing. Then I think back to two, and three and four years and it's amazing how things change, but still stay the same. This year has been quite a whirlwind. It's been filled with a deployment, an injury, words like amputation, infection and wounded warrior. Words that were just words, become meaningful. Life stands still. Don't get me wrong, events are happening, people are graduating, but it seems as if we are stuck.

I try to stay positive, because things could be a lot worse and I feel guilty for even thinking some of my thoughts... but it does get to me. Sometimes I want to wake up, put on my favorite asics and go for a long run. I want to let the sun-drenched world hit my face and escape my fears. I want to be selfish and take the day for myself. Talk on the phone!! (Gosh I miss my friends). Cook a meal or bake something delicious (snickerdoodles are on my brain). I know, pity party over here right now. Don't worry, I'm already over it after my fingers leave the keyboard. I love my husband and I am so FREAKING thankful he is recovering better then any heal fracture they have seen. Maybe Ranger School is still a possibility (I want the sweater... thank you Dana, HappyLifeasanArmyWife for making me obsessed with that!) I want to thank those woman who trail blazed how to be good Wives of a Wounded Soldier. There are too many awful stories of women leaving their husbands in the hospital, but not enough of the impact that they have on getting their soldier out of that bed.

As much as today is Armed Forces Day, it's about the families too! So thank you for what you do, big or small.

Happy Graduation Sister! Love you!


  1. Thank you! Also what are your husband's injuries I don't think I have read the whole story. You can email me if you want. Take care and thank YOU for standing by your man!

  2. Do not forget that you need to take care of you, too, to be the best wife of a wounded warrior you can be. Caregiver's fatigue is very real. You're pretty much made of awesome and I know you and your husband will come out of this stronger than you ever thought you could be. But run a little... for you. Do something, anything. Everyone benefits from that!