The Peacock Tale

The Peacock Tale

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Excited about Netflix!

Maybe I have been living in a hole, but I have only just discovered the beauty of netflix instant streaming tv/movie. Too bad tonight, the scary/thriller movies we wanted to watch (Seven and Silent of the Lambs) are only available through mail. We started to watch the old version of House on the Left instead and turned it off. It was awful. We are a little disturbed. 

Michigan game is on and we are rooting for our Maize and Blue! Hocus Pocus is also on. Guess what we are flipping? 

Does anyone else have trouble balancing sports with their favorite tv programs? 
old picture... rooting for our wolverines though! 

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  1. My hubby and I just recently discovered the Netflix instant stream as well! It does stink that some of the best movies (Seven is such a good movie) are only on dvd, but we still manage to find something to watch :) Have a great day!