The Peacock Tale

The Peacock Tale

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I found this poem in this collaborative medium art book by students from Lawrence Tech University. I read it and teared up. Although it paints a picture of a couple from WWII, it applies to today's military couples as well. Poem is written by Meghan Zapol.

I stand forgetting
that as they departed
I was left alone, so broken hearted.

But the six long months
have passed -
at last.

While "God Bless America,"
fades to the background
those adored memories are once again found.

I long for that
last embrace
although it brought tears to my face:

His arms wrapped around me ever so tightly
nothing else mattered,
not even slightly.

As my lips met his
for the last time
passion filled my eyes
as a pantomime.

His voice trembled and
"I love you," squeaked out
as I stood unable to speak
but wanting to shout

"Final Boarding Call," echoed
in my ears,
as I tasted the salt
from so many tears.

He stepped toward departure
then we parted fingers
holding onto that memory
hoping it lingers.

That memory held close
as I wait patiently,
hoping it's him in the distance I see.

legible from shore
as I anticipated the embrace I've so longed for.

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