The Peacock Tale

The Peacock Tale

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Think Spring!

Gosh, I cannot wait for spring to get here already!!! This weekend, Michigan and in Korea were blessed with sunshiny weather. It's nice to get out of the winter funk.

I crawled up in my parents garage to take down my mother's old bike. I currently am without a bike and I do not think my mother has rode her's in a couple years. I thought it was a perfect day for a bike ride with Charlie...although we had to maneuver around some snow. It was his first bike ride. He was a little scared the bike was going to attack him, but after he understood what we were doing, he couldn't get enough. I am sure this summer we will be biking quite a bit! I think everyone in America should get a dog like Charlie. You will never gain weight with him! I also entered Charlie into two pet photo contests. Click here to vote!!

While we went for a light bike ride, LT was ruck sack marching thirteen plus miles. What a workout! I know he was sore. The gold bond powder on the feet did not prevent the blisters! OUCH!  He is in the army, not the boy scouts! His feet will heal. He has to prepare for Ranger School! He is doing such an amazing job that his Battalion Commander asked him to stay another year! He is not staying, but he is going to continue to keep up the good work.

There is still no word on our next duty location, but we should hear in March or April. We are still hoping for Fort Drum, NY. Keep your fingers crossed. I know Charlie would enjoy it there...especially with another brother/sister accompanying him.

A couple of our army friends received their deployment schedules and are in the training process before they leave later this summer for A-stan and Iraq. Please keep them and their families in your prayers. .

Think Spring Everyone!!


  1. Thanks Kathryn, I love to get these! Charlie looks like he's having fun on the bike ride! I think my parents are finally ready to get another dog - I'm hoping the next time I come home there's a dog in the house again. :-)

  2. Kathryn" the picture of charlie is so cute, how could you not like that dog, but I'm so sorry about my feelings toward the Humane society

    I'm not sure your aware of it but there a big opponent against any type of hunting game anywhere on earth, so I can't contribute $$ for them they give a lot of $$ to other orginations that feed $$ to the anti hunting groups, I don't hold anything against them I just won't give for there cause.

    Dad. ps I like what your doing though.

  3. What a happy Picture!!

  4. Love the picture. He sure is cute. I have never tried riding the bike with Bear, but I think I’ll give it a shot. Mark cannot ride bikes anymore due to the artificial hipsL.