The Peacock Tale

The Peacock Tale

Monday, February 22, 2010

# 185 in BATAAN DEATH MARCH ROUTE 13.1 Miles

Here are LT's pictures from his RuckSack March on February 20, 2010. You can also view them at the bottom link. ENJOY!!

This is the map of the route he took.

7am Wake up call. They are in the Army, not the Boy Scouts!

This is the start. Look carefully, you can see Aaron in the center. #185

What a beautiful day for a rucksack march! 

Working through it!

Sprinting to the end...

INTENSE!!! Great Job! You're almost there!!

YES! You Finished! Just like a pro...with your tongue out!

We are all so proud of you Lt. Peacock!! (on the left)

He beat him! He wanted me to make that part clear!

Thank you to Bryan Painter, our old roommate who sent me the link to these photos.


  1. How cute! He looks so intense!!

  2. OH MY............Aaron looked in agony!!He did do really well though!

  3. Great pictures...very intense

  4. Kathryn great pictures,very intense.did they have to do this in a certain amount of time.Mark

  5. No, it was a commemorative march. There wasn't a time you had to finish it in. I am not sure what his time was or if they even kept track? I know he raced to beat that guy at the end and won!